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New stores opened in Milan, Manhattan, Hong Kong and christian louboutin outlet Tokyo.Gucci Brand, Products and DesignersIt was in the 1960s when the Gucci brand made a mark on the Asian market. It was also during this time that the Gucci brand logo was invented. The double GG logo was designed to praise the original inventor Guccio Guccio. At two louboutin sale uk meetings that I regularly attend, a wide range of food items are served alongside the requisite coffee pot. Earlier this week, at my home group meeting, I was amazed to see two brands of frozen key lime pie being served.

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The two pies were Sara Lee Key West Lime Pie and louboutin outlet UK the Edwards Key Lime Pie. While talking to my friend, the coffeemaker, she said that there was only Edwards Key Lime Pie left in stock at the supermarket, when she was picking up meeting supplies earlier. She said that she saw the Sara Lee pie and decided christian louboutin Online that having two brands of key lime pie was pretty cool. According to the package label, the container holds eight servings of pie.An easier way to quickly establish a brand is to be the first company to offer a product or service.

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But there are also simpler methods of penetrating existing niches, namely product line extension and brand franchise extension. Product line extension entails the use of an established brand name on a new, related product. For example, the Wonder Bread name could be applied to a whole wheat bread to penetrate that market. Brand franchise extension refers to the application of an old brand to a completely new product line. For example, Coca Cola could elect to apply its name to a line of candy products. One of the risks of brand and product extensions is that the name will be diluted or damaged by the new product.

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